What Makes John-Paul Tick

John-Paul is most passionate about Technology and he has centered his life around constantly learning about various technologies and how they influence our world, our daily life and those around us.  In addition, John-Paul is a big believer in small business and he feels that small business is the foundation of what makes our country great.

My Story

Born prematurely in December 1978 in Denver, CO. and not expected to survive John-Paul faced various challenges in his life.  One of those challenges was learning to walk.  Through the support of two loving parents he was able to thrive into his teenage years and life as a young adult.  Growing up in places like Milwaukee, WI., San Antonio, TX. and Honolulu, HI. John-Paul was exposed at an early age to many different environments and cultures .  His father a successful oil executive and mother an owner of a successful clothing business he was surrounded with people that were driven to succeed.

Every business has a beginning and John-Paul has watched and been involved with a few ideas that were turned into business ventures.  He is still involved with a few of those startup businesses and plans to see them through maturity as they continue to succeed.

The Current John-Paul

John-Paul is currently working as an Chief Technology Officer for a Managed IT Services company in San Antonio, TX.  Previously, John-Paul worked as the Director of Technology for Texas Military Institute a private college preparatory boarding school where he led the Technology Department for over 15 years.  In his spare time John-Paul enjoys road trips, boating and camping in his RV.  To further his learning John-Paul is working towards a Project Management certification and is building a few websites using WordPress as well as studying for his Ham Radio Operator License.

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