Broken Dreams At Reed Ranch Part 1

About three weeks ago I brought up the idea of Lacy and I moving back to the Reed Ranch in Boerne, TX to my brother. I fully expected that he would agree to the idea being that our father had just passed away on November 9th but, what I was not expecting was his response.

He informed me that our Dad has changed his will some time ago and that it was not going to be what I had expected. You see, in 2015 Dad had sat Joby and I down and informed us that he was going to leave the Ranch Partnership to Joby and I as 50-50 partners with a percentage going to our sister Valerie with the idea that we would keep the Ranch in the family for future generations. Dad had always told us when he was alive to figure out who was going to live in the main house and that we needed to work together and divide up the responsibilities as needed.

Apparently, in April of 2016 Dad had a change of heart. According to my brother he was mad at me and he was also mad at Lacy. He felt that Lacy had turned me against him somehow by trying to get his caretaker fired and he was upset that I did not come and visit him very often. He was also mad at me because he felt that somehow through me my business partner was going to find a way to take the ranch away.

He left most everything he had to my brother and gave my brother total control over his estate. The home and land that I once loved…..gone. I keep thinking that I am in a dream and that one day I will wake up and that my brother will tell me that the bad dream is over.