Cell Standby Battery Drain On Android

I have an Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from AT$T Mobility. I noticed yesterday that my battery was draining faster than usual so I started looking around on my phone.

My 4G LTE indicator would pop up about every 4 seconds when on WiFi. I figured this was the root cause so I went to my settings, battery and found that Cell Standby was using 37% of my battery consumption. I started shutting down services to see if that stopped the 4G LTE from turning in but, that did not help. I even turned off mobile data and Enhanced LTE Services and power cycled my phone as other websites suggested. This also did not seem to make a difference.

The fix was when I disabled the Caller ID app that comes preloaded on many cell phones. It allows you to pay a monthly fee and get enhanced caller ID info. Onxe I disabled it the issue went away.

Note: I would also allow your battery to get to 15℅ and then charge to that the battery usage can recalibrate. Cell standby should no longer be at the top of the battery usage list.

I hope this helps. #jointhediscussion

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