Gunshots At Night The Eagle In Flight

For the past two nights I have heard gunshots off in the distance near my neighborhood in San Antonio, TX. Both nights I called and reported the fact that I was hearing what sounded like shots being fired to the San Antonio Police Department. Last night shortly after midnight I heard four pops very clearly followed by a few more a few minutes later. I picked up the phone after the first shots were heard and called 911. The dispatcher took down the information. I turned on my scanner app on my cell phone and listed for about 20 minutes and all of a sudden I heard the dispatcher ask Eagle the SAPD helicopter to fly over my address and check the woods behind my address as there had been several reports of shots fired in the area. About five minutes or so later the helicopter was overhead flying around checking the area. I heard the pilot over the radio report back that he had only seen a few dear and other animals but, found nothing. The dispatcher then asked the pilot of the helicopter to check behind Elm Creek subdivision near the railroad tracks to see if he could see anything and they had received a call from a caller in that area stating that they had also heard the shots. The pilot responded back that he had already checked that area and found nothing.

I guess we will wait and see if it happens again tonight. If it does I will call back and report it again.

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