The Lights Are Out

Its been an interesting morning so far. I was awoken early around 3am to the beeping sound of a UPS backup battery in my bedroom. It only beeped for about two minutes but, it was long enough to wake me up. I tried to go back to sleep and couldn’t so i turned the TV on for a few hours and eventually fell back to sleep until i heard my wifes alarm go off at 4:50am. I figured she would go back to sleep so at 5:10am i woke her up so that she could get ready for work. As soon as she started to get ready i again heard the familiar beeping sound of the UPS battery backup. The power was out again. My wife turned on her cell phone flashlight and finished getting dressed. I reminded her that with the power being out that she would manually need to open the garage door. She then asked me to accompany her to the garage to show her how to manually open the garage. I followed her to the garage and told her how to pull on the red cable and lift the garage door manually which she did. She then cane Ittihad the house to get Kyleigh our foster child ready for school, by flashlight.

Power was restored around 7am.

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