A Decentralized Network

Imagine running an application or a suite of applications in which the ability to censor the application or its content would be very difficult. Lets discuss how this might look.

Where would applications and files be hosted?

First of all you would need multiple hosting platforms which could include AWS, GCP, Azure and peoples own home computers. Do you remember the days of file sharing with services such as Napster where multiple home users had copies of files that they could then share with other users?

How would this model protect against censorship?

You would use a combination of technologies to protect against censorship
In Transit
Data (at rest/stored)
Multiple Physical Data Connectivity Technologies:
Obfuscation of Data

All of the technologies combined together in combination with writing the data to multiple nodes on a blockchain would make blocking an application very difficult. In an increasingly Geo-political world where freedom of data access is vital a decentralized design model is something to consider when deploying your application or ecosystem.