These Crazy Times

Well, I have not posted in quite some time. I felt the need to write as I have noticed a lot of people are in a “funk” right now. For some people money is tight while others are undergoing treatments for disease. There are great numbers of people who have lost their jobs or lost a loved one due to COVID19. Kids are home from school learning remotely and teachers are doing their best to learn a whole new way of teaching. Nurses are being asked to work overtime and in some cases they are working outside of their normal assignments. Bars are closed in Texas and restaurants are operating at a reduced capacity so that people can maintain “social distancing”. Many office buildings are empty as workers work remotely and the already hurt retail sector is finding many of its members going out of business after decades of operation. Over 200,000 Americans have already lost their lives due to the virus and a vaccine is still a ways away. Masks…..worn almost everywhere you go. Movie theaters have been shut down for almost 5 months as well as theme parks for a lesser period of time. These crazy times. When will they end.